Chicago Youth Centers Donation - August 2018

Walking through these doors is like getting a big hug. Dushunda and her team of devoted and loving teachers, parents and scholars put on a great talent show of song, dance and art. They really put the A in STEAM as you’ll see in the beautiful artwork. Thanks to your support, we’re able to increase the device-student ratio at the Center and even allow them to purchase a Smart TV where students can display their work and practice presentations.


Hephzibah Donation 2018

We just got to make solar ๐ŸŒž powered BUGS with the Saturday morning computer crew and Ms. Sue at @hephzibahhome! Very grateful for your donations that give these bright ๐Ÿ’ก young minds experience with technology even during their summer breaks. Too bad for the rainy day ๐ŸŒง or we could have seen those grasshoppers hop!


Golder College Prep Laptop Scholarship 2018

On May 22nd, 2018, we awarded Golder College Prep alumni, Gabriela Zaragoza and José Rivera and seniors Melanie Barahona and Frank Villegas with brand new MacBook Pro Laptops! It is such a thrill to be able to reward these students for their hard work past, present and future.

Gabriela graduated from Golder in 2012, UIC in 2016 and will be returning to UIC this fall to begin her Masters to become a Clinical Social Worker. She clearly has proven to be deserving of such an award. In the future, she hopes to work with at-risk teens within the social work framework. Congratulations, Gabriela!

José is completing his Associates Degree at Wright College and will be attending Northeastern University in Chicago next year to earn his bachelors. He will major in finance, which sparked his interest after interning at La Casa Norte. Go, José!

Seniors, Frank Villegas and Melanie Barahona are our senior winners this year. In the fall, Frank will attend University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Melanie will head east to Dickinson College. Having taught both students, Mariel can attest to their attention to detail, self-advocacy and overall enthusiasm for learning. Both seniors have overcome great obstacles that have made them into the leaders they are today. Best of all, they both want to be TEACHERS!!

Thank you for your dedication to the Terri Race Tech Fund! We are fortunate to have your support that made this donation possible. We know our mom would be happy to know her passion for education and technology is being passed on to these four bright, young and fearless future leaders!


OPRF Local Scholarship Recipient

We were back at all of our Alma mater last night to award our OPRF local scholarship to the deserving senior, Emma Vejcik. Emma is deciding between Smith College and Carnegie Mellon University to pursue interdisciplinary studies as she is interested in studying both art and computer science. More women is STEM! Yes! 

Thanks to your generous support of the Terri Race Tech Fund, our forever-huskie mom’s legacy lives on in these bright, young students!


First Donation of 2018

We're proud to be able to donate again to Girls Who Code thanks in full to your support of the Terri Race Educational Technology Fund! We love to start the year with a donation to this important, ground breaking organization. We hope your new year is off to a positive, healthy and peaceful start!