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Update on Laptop Recipient Emma!

Emma Vejcik was awarded the Terri Race Tech Fund Scholarship through the OPRF Local Scholarship Foundation in 2017. In 2018, Emma applied for a grant from the TRTF in order to purchase a laptop. We were so happy to receive this update from her:

"Last winter I received a scholarship for my freshmen year of college. I am so incredibly grateful for having received your assistance and funding for my academic endeavors. I have just completed my first semester at Smith College in Massachusetts and it would have been impossible without your support. I took four classes this past semester – 17 credit hours. I was also granted a laptop through your funding this past summer, which I used to extreme success throughout my classes. I plan to pursue my studies at Smith thanks to your help, studying Graphic Design and Computer Science. I will hopefully graduate in 2022 with at least 64 credit hours and a major in one or both of these fields.

Thanks to your funding, I am several steps closer to this goal. Your generosity has helped push me to continue my studies. I hope I will one day be able to better others lives in academia just as you have mine."

Best of luck to Emma as she continues at Smith!

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